Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Gloss n Sparkle SALE

Hi everyone.

Just a quick post.
I promise I will actually update with a proper post soon but I have been ridiculously busy lately.

Gloss n Sparkle (my current favourite indie brand) is having a sale on Etsy at the moment to make way for the new style of bottles they will be introducing soon.
The polishes are $8 each (usually $10) and Angela has added a couple of limited edition polishes ($8.50 each), a gorgeous Halloween polish and a cute glitter bomb.

I love all of Angela's polished and have bought most of them...I have banned myself from buying any more at the moment because I have spent too much money on them recently.

I highly recommend Unicorn Droppings!!

Go an check out her sale at www.glossnsparkle.etsy.com

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