Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Layla Holo - What Did I Do Wrong?!

Hi everyone.

I recently picked up a couple of Layla Holos, after a lovely girl on Facebook told me where I could find them in Perth...Yay!

The first one I tried was Ultra Violet and it is GORGEOUS!!

But one problem I found with it is that after 1 days wear my thumb polish came off in one full piece.
I hadn't been doing dishes or had my hands in warm water (except to wash them) at all that day and I had prepped the mail using the Layla file/buffer.
I'm not sure what caused this...are my nails just rejecting the polish (that better not be the case because it's so pretty an they would be very naughty nails if they did).

I used Poshe as my topcoat...was that the cause of this drama?i don't know the answers and all I have is more question.

I will try again and overcome this hurdle because it is just so pretty.

Bye for now.

Btw, please excuse my horrible cuticles in the pic.


  1. Hi Bec. I didn't use a base coat. I just prepped using te Layla buffer. Would you recommend using a base coat. Any one in particular? Thanks.